Damon & Naomi biography, discography and more.


Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang started playing music together as the rhythm section, co-songwriters, and sometime singers in Galaxie 500. When that band ended, they continued as a duo, first recording for Shimmy Disc and then on a series of albums for Sub Pop Records. In 2005, they formed their own label (20/20/20) and have since released four further Damon & Naomi albums – The Earth Is Blue, Within These Walls, False Beats and True Hearts, and Fortune – alongside reissues of their own and the Galaxie 500 back catalogue.

In addition to their work as musicians, Damon & Naomi are the publishers of Exact Change, a small press dedicated to avant-garde literature and artists’ writings. Individually, Damon is a writer (books, blog, articles for Pitchfork, Artforum and others), and Naomi is a visual artist (photography, video, and graphic design).




Damon & Naomi

Fortune (2015) – 20/20/20
False Beats and True Hearts (2011) – 20/20/20
The Sub Pop Years (2009) – 20/20/20
Within These Walls (2007) –20/20/20
The Earth Is Blue (2005) – 20/20/20
Song to the Siren (2002) — Sub Pop Records
Damon & Naomi with Ghost (2000) — CD on Sub Pop, LP on Drag City
Playback Singers (1998) – Sub Pop Records
Wondrous World of Damon & Naomi (1995) – Sub Pop Records
More Sad Hits (1992) – Shimmy Disc, reissued by 20/20/20 in 2008


Galaxie 500

Peel Sessions (recorded 1989-90, released 2005) – 20/20/20
Portable Galaxie 500 (greatest hits comp, released 1998) — Rykodisc, reissued by 20/20/20 in 2009
Copenhagen (recorded live in 1990, released 1997) — Rykodisc, reissued by 20/20/20 in 2009
Uncollected Galaxie 500 (rarities and outtakes, released 1996) — Rykodisc, reissued by 20/20/20 in 2009
Galaxie 500 box set (all 3 studio albums with bonus CD of rarities and outtakes, released 1996) — Rykodisc
This Is Our Music (1990) – Rough Trade, reissued by 20/20/20 in 2009
On Fire (1989) – Rough Trade, reissued by 20/20/20 in 2009
Today (1988) – Rough Trade, reissued by 20/20/20 in 2009




We thought you’d never ask…

Damon plays Taylor guitars, and D’Addario strings.

Naomi plays a Clavia Nord Electro, an old Steinway upright with “false beats,” and a 1968 cherry red Gibson EB-2 bass.

Naomi tours with the tiny yet powerful Phil Jones “Flightcase” amplifier.
Damon carries the small and transparently clear Schertler “David” amp.

We track and mix our records on Mackie analog boards.
And we are making the big leap to digital with the help of Universal Audio hard and software, and our Cambridge neighbor MOTU’s Digital Performer.