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August 2017

It’s new media month here at D&N headquarters!

Damon is following up his book The New Analog with a podcast series called Ways of Hearing. It is produced by Radiotopia’s Showcase, launches the first week of August and runs weekly through mid-September – subscribe now and don’t miss an episode! You can subscribe to Radiotopia’s Showcase anywhere you get your podcasts (iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, RadioPublic…). And if you’ve never subscribed to a podcast, why not start now?

Meanwhile, Naomi just debuted a very fun new music video for Lee Ranaldo. Lee and Naomi went all over New York City lugging an enormous old TV…but hardly anyone noticed, cause they were too busy looking at their own, much more portable screens! Keep abreast of all Naomi’s videos at her website, naomivision. (Maybe that’s a good name for the screen Lee is carrying, come to think of it?)

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