September 2017


New on September 20, Everything Quieter Than Everything Else is a collection of live Damon & Naomi performances recorded in Tokyo, 2008 and 2005. Featuring Michio Kurihara and Masaki Batoh of Ghost, Bhob Rainey, and Helena Espvall, the album was produced by Disk Union and is available as a CD in Japan. It is also available in digital space, as a stream or download from the Damon & Naomi Bandcamp page.

(Listeners to Damon's podcast Ways of Hearing, readers of his book The New Analog, and/or diehard fans of Deep Purple may recognize the source for the title...)

Naomi's latest video has to be seen to be believed, cause it features Stephin Merritt (of the Magnetic Fields) as a surfboard. That's right - not on a surfboard (that you'll never see), but as one, riding the waves in Malibu. It's all for the good of a wonderful free-spirited store in LA called Virgil Normal. Find it and lots more of Naomi's visual work at naomivision.

And if you haven't noticed (how could you not?)...we have an awesome new design for our website, by softmohair!


Naomi Yang